Delightful tea with sustainability in mind

One of a kind tea made from Teak leaves from our environmentally friendly Teak Plantation in Costa Rica.

One cup and you'll drink it for life. 

The Best Tea You'll Ever Drink

We have been growing sustainable teak for over 20 years on our 50 acre plantation in Costa Rica.

With some research and a little luck (we stumbled across an article online by accident) we learned that for centuries, highly beneficial teak tea has been made in Burma and parts of China. It sounded like something we should be doing as our trees produce the most beautiful leaves that are perfect for such a project.


Through hard work with experts from the International Tea Masters Association, we have made wonderful blends of loose leaf, bagged and iced tea!

With the obvious name of Teak, we are close to bringing our


Blended by the International Tea Master and Master Blender Melissa Salazar, our teak tea is sweet and savory with earthy and roasted notes. There is a slight upfront bitterness that is soon followed by a sweet earthy finish, reminiscent of snow peas and a slight buttery feel.

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